Fluid Formulations

FLOCON, INC. paint formulations are designed and optimized for complete compatibility with our Valve-Applicator Systems. Fluids are available in a spectrum of stock colors; custom colors are an available option.

Stock formulations include:

  • H Series: High performance water-based acrylic latex system
  • AG Series: Plastic and metal marking modified acrylic system, Acetone
  • PD Series: Fast-drying water-based acrylic latex system
  • SBS Series: High-gloss, solvent-based acrylic system


  • JX Series: Japenese-style lacquer system, Xylene
  • LE Series: Popular and versatile lacquer system, Ethyl Alcohol
  • AHG Series: Acrylic high-gloss lacquer system, Butyl Acetate
  • DBW Series: Wood-tone and touch-up lacquer system, Ethyl Alcohol
  • DLM Series: Hybrid lacquer system, Methoxy-Proponal
  • SWA Series: High-performance automotive acrylic lacquer system, MIBK, MEK, EEP


  • KA Series: Industrial workhorse alkyd enamel system, Acetone
  • KX Series: Industrial workhorse alkyd enamel system, Xylene


  • DR Series: Detergent-removable and dissolvable system
  • WR Series: Water-removable dissolvable system
  • GCR Series: Glass cleaner-removable and dissolvable system
  • RTR Series: Rub-to-remove latex system


  • PWS Series: Pigmented wood stain, Mineral Spirits