Brand Packaging Magazine: Choosing the Right Fine Mist Spray Pump


“A beautiful package, excellent fluid formulation and a premium image needs to be partnered with a well-engineered, fuss-free applicator device. It reinforces a positive response each time the product is used and brings the end-user back to the brand for repeat purchases,” says Stephan Ballot, vice president at Flocon, Inc., a manufacturer of fluid dispensing devices, including the FLOMIST fine mist sprayer.

So, what goes into choosing the competitive advantage that is a fine mist pump and its manufacturer?

Photo caption: Take a look at that middle fine mist sprayer; it is the FLOMIST fine mist sprayer. See something different? The engine hanging below the bottom of the closure is on average 63% shorter and 47% smaller in diameter than the other two sprayers. What they all have in common is that they dispense 190ml per spray.

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